Helen Keller's Key Lime Pie

$ 18.99

A pioneer in all things deaf and blind, Helen Keller never let her disability get in the way of accomplishing her goals of being a world-class pastry baker. We’re proud to be the only candle company in America brave enough to recapture the smell of her classic Key Lime Pie. While non-blind people may be put off by the brownish-burnt color, we can assure you that this rich smelling candle is the assault of the senses that Helen Keller would have wanted. Impress your friends and family with a piece of cooking history. 10% of the proceeds of each candle are donated to me, who had a dog that was blind when I was growing up.  


A Note to our customers about this product: We tried to tell Helen Keller that her candle smells nothing like Key Lime Pie, she wouldn't listen.  

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