Current Contest:

None at the moment. Check back again later or join the mailing list to be notified of new contests. 

Past Contests:

A Strawberry Scent worthy of Flick Candles: 10.5.14- 11.5.14

UPDATE: This contest has now ended. We are shifting through all of the submissions and will be announcing a winner in the coming weeks. 

Our writers are on strike demanding that they have 'free weekends' to spend time with their 'family.' Because of this we're looking to kick start our next set of candles with a user submitted name for our first Strawberry scent. Send us your submission to


Winner get's six candles of their choice and of course a few of their own. We'll announce the winner at the end of next month.

A Better Banner contest - 8.30.14 - 9.30.14 - Results: This contest was a complete disaster. We had one submission which resulted in one winner. You're all lazy. Congrats to Lucia for the wining by default. We'll be sending you a free candle AND using your banner sometime soon.