A Better Banner contest Fall 2014


This contest is now closed. Lucia R., our one and only submitter, has won. Congrats!! You will be getting your free candle soon. Check out Contests pages for current contests.

A Better Banner Contest:

8.30.14 - 9.30.14

Dear internet,

In our attempts to copy the wildly successful Google, we’ve decided to change up our front page banner for the holidays.  We want a fall theme, a Thanksgiving theme, and a Christmas theme and we’d like to change them at random. The only problem is we’re not very good at it. This is the best we’ve been able to do:

Current Banner:

Fall Theme:


With that said, we’re offering this out to the internets.

If you can give us a better design by modifying our logo  and we choose your design we’ll send you a free candle.

Here is the place to get our current banner with it's current size.  Keep the size/ratio the same.

Give us your best (or worst) and send it to Contest@FlickCandles.com

Also include a mailing address in your email. If we pick your banner we will notify you and send you the candle of your choice. If you win and don’t get back to us we’ll send you whatever we want.

**Extra rules of the contest: If we don’t find a suitable holiday theme logo we reserve the right to be spiteful and use the really crappy one we created ourselves.