Campaign Candles September 24 2015

The presidential election is only 410 days away. We’ve raised the bar on flimsy lawn signs and faded bumper stickers. There’s no better way to show your support for a candidate than by making your entire house smell like them.

We’ve selected some great candidates that are running in this upcoming election and captured their essence in our carefully hand-crafted soy candles. These candles are 100% made in an American basement factory with no windows, horrible working conditions, and unpaid overtime—just like the politicians themselves.

It goes without saying: these are limited-edition candles and will only stay as fresh as the candidates themselves. If you don’t see your favorite candidate up there, we’re sorry. We wanted to make a Donald Trump candle, but we don’t want to get sued… which we were told was pretty much 100% likely. Also, unlike our regular line of candles, these do not have any text written on the backs of them.

We want to do something great for America by making this the best-smelling election of all time.  Your move, Yankee Candle.

-- Mark