My Ex is a Dirty Little S'more August 07 2017

It’s about time to dump that summer fling and move on with your life. And even though you promised to be friends and treat each other with respect, let’s be honest: they are already talking bad about you behind your back, and you should do the same. To commemorate all of those bad decisions you called your boyfriend (or girlfriend) we’re proud to launch our brand new candle, “My Ex is a Dirty Little S’more.” 


Just like a S’more, your ex probably started out as a treat and quickly turned into a crummy, sticky mess. We’ve captured that experience with the perfect blend of chocolate, graham cracker, marshmallow, and regret. You can purchase one for yourself here. It also makes a great gift and an ideal way to tell your friend, "I told you so."

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As always, keep lighting -- Mark