Make America Grape Again August 02 2016

Have you ever looked at Donald Trump and thought, “What does that man smell like?” You don’t have to wonder anymore, thanks to our newest addition to Flick Candles:

Make America Grape Again

Maybe you thought America was never that grape to begin with. You’re wrong. America has always been grape and now, with this new huge scent and upcoming election, it’s about to get Graper. This scent is so huge and so great that you’re going to love it, I guarantee it.   

To make this candle, we’ve blended the hopes and dreams of the Republican Party with a small splash of Xenophobia to give it that ‘kick’ that’ll be sure to rock your senses.

Get your hands (and nose) on the grapest candle we’ve ever made by clicking here to order. We decided to release this candle even though every single lawyer told us it was a pretty bad idea. Order while supplies last, or until we get sued. 

Disclaimer: This candle might not actually smell that ‘Grape,’ but neither do Trump’s promises, so it doesn’t really matter. As long as you believe it does, it will.