Holy Hoda and Kathie Lee! January 08 2016

Yesterday I was a guy working out of a small, cramped factory with no windows. Today, I’m still doing that, but now I can proudly say that we were featured on TODAY with Kathie Lee and Hoda. I suppose we now need a candle that smells like pre-noon wine.


They reviewed our Frat House Basement Party, Blueberry Bromance, Fantasy Football Failure, and our fan favorite Freshly Signed Divorce Papers.  They also did a great job of recapping how we got started: when I refused to write a term paper and decided to make a candle instead. If there is one thing this new success has taught me, it’s that procrastination sometimes does lead to better things. A true American Dream.

Special thanks to all our fans and supporters out there. Anyone who’s ordering two candles or more, be sure to use our '2for25' discount code. If you want to order the four candles they reviewed today (or any four candles) please use our discount code ‘HolyHoda’ and you can have 4 candles for the price of three.

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