Happy Flicking Holidays December 02 2015

First, we’d love to give a shout-out to Refinery29.com for putting us on a list of the best worst gifts to give. Thanks for the kind words and for 6th place. Hopefully next year we can make the top 3.

Secondly, we have some great coupon codes we rarely advertise, but I’m going to put them all here. You can only use one per purchase, so pick whichever one suits you and use it! Otherwise, you’re just sending us extra money-- which we will totally take but don’t really need considering we pay our workers below minimum wage and don't provide them with health care.  

2for25- This takes about 8 dollars off a two-candle order. You can use it for 3 candles as well, but I don’t really know what it does then.

The coupon code ‘reddit’ will take about 15% off your entire order, regardless of however many you buy (...this is a limited coupon code, so if it doesn’t work it means they’ve all been used up).

LeaveNoBroBehind gives you 4 candles for the price of 3.

And our favorite coupon code is ‘sendmeyourtrash’ 

With this code, we will literally send you a crappy candle we messed up with. The color could be wrong, the scent might be bad, or it’s a candle we’ve just discontinued and have laying around. If we have any trashy candles, we’ll send them to you!

 Those are the codes. Pick one and use it, or don’t, I don’t care. Happy Holidays – Mark & Friends