NETFLIX & CHILL November 08 2015

Let’s give a Big Flicking Welcome to the newest candle to join our family: NETFLIX & CHILL.

There is no better way to spend these long, cold, winter nights than on the couch with that person you just found on that dating app.  You both probably went through at least 10 people before you saw each other’s pictures and said “Eh, good enough.” If that isn’t love, we don’t know what is.  Celebrate the romance, and buy this candle while supplies last! Check it out here. Below is a picture of who we think would love this candle.



We also have a deal called 2for25. Just type that code in at checkout and it takes about $8.00 off your overall order. You still have to pay for shipping, though (it’s $4.99 so don’t get all mad about it). Other great candles that go well with Netflix & Chill include One Night Teakwood Stand, Surprise Baby Powder, and of course, Freshly Signed Divorce Papers.