Our pumpkin scented candles will literally crush your children September 19 2015

There’s a chill in the air and with that comes our favorite Fall Candles. We’re just downright addicted to our sweet smelling Nicotine Pumpkin Patch. All season you can order this candle for the non-special completely regular price of $16.99.


We also have a couple of coupon codes that you need to use. First, we have a code called 2for25. Use this when you order any two candles and it will knock the price down to 25 dollars for two candles. We know, 2for25 actually comes out to a total order of 29.98. Shipping is still $4.99.  Without the code your overall order is about 38 dollars with shipping, so stop complaining that it doesn't make sense and just thank us. There is another code called 'reddit' that will take about 15% off your entire purchase. You can't combine coupons so pick whichever you like to use. 

We also have a super sweet newsletter. You can join it by clicking here. We never give out your email address unless someone pays us a lot of money. Nobody has yet to pay us any money, so your email is safe with us...for now. We also have an Instagram. You can follow us here. Lastly, we have a facebook page with over 2,000 Likes. Yankee Candle has over 1.3 million Likes on their page. If we could get kind of close to that you'd be doing us a big favor, thanks in advance. 

 We have some new candles coming out and some old ones coming back soon. Keep checking us out and we'll keep checking you out, in a totally non-creepy way. -- Mark