One last candle for the summer of 2015 August 25 2015

The end of summer is upon us, and that means Fall stuff is coming soon. Before we gear up for Pumpkin Spiced Lattes, cable-knit sweaters, and fall romances that die like the leaves, we thought it only appropriate that we  send off the summer of 2015 with one last candle.

For customers and fans that don’t know, our company headquarters is based right near the pristine beaches of the jersey shore.  We have a lot of shore towns and most every boardwalk sells hermit crabs. As a rite of passage, every year children around the region buy these crabs—and then are taught about the circle of life as they lay their new, beloved pet to rest a few days later, without the little crab ever even using his really cool home they bought for him (with accessories!).

 So we wanted a grand send-off to the summer by honoring these little guys with our Hermit Crab Memorial Candle.You may have only been a super-expensive lesson in cheap tourist souvenirs, but you’ll always be in our hearts and our rental house backyards. #NeverForget