August 2015 Coupon codes, new candles, and more August 07 2015

We’re turning up the summer heat at Flick Candles. First, if you haven’t seen it already, we have an awesome 2015 summer collection of candles that are worth buying. Many of these have absolutely nothing to do with summer, but we don’t care.

We’ll have one more summer candle coming out next week but it will be a limited edition. We’re only going to sell a select number and it will only be around for a month. Stay posted.

In other news, and we’re way more proud of this than we should be, you can check out a nice feature in this month’s American Bar Association Journal. Divorce lawyers have featured our Freshly Signed Divorce candle and we couldn’t be happier.


We have a sweet little promotion we’re running right now as well. I recently did an AMA on Reddit and I offered a coupon code called REDDIT which takes 15% off your order. It can’t be combined with any other order but we have about 50 or so of these coupons left. So if you are ordering from us try and use the code, hopefully there will be some left!

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