Goodbye June! June 30 2015

It’s been one crazy month for us over at Flick Candles. First, we’ve brought Fantasy Football Failure out of retirement. Don’t let the opportunity to own one slip out of your hands like the sports career you never had. Order one here.

In Touch magazine paid us tribute in their “Not Hot” section. Being labeled as ‘Not Hot’ feels just like high school all over again. …And the fact that print magazines still exist also makes me feel like I’m back in high school.

Next week, we’ll have all new candles coming out. It’ll be the last of our summer collection. You’ll enjoy them.

Don’t forget to check us out on Instagram, and if you order two candles use the discount code 2for25. If you don’t use that code you’re just giving us extra money. This is something we appreciate but don’t need because we’re making enough to keep the lights on. Thanks! Happy Lighting -- Mark