Flick April 2015 April 04 2015

It’s been one heck of a month at Flick Candles. We’re proud to report that we’ve been spotted on the Chive. Thank you, Sebastian, for the killer press. We also hit the airwaves in Boston with a great shout-out for our FRAT HOUSE BASEMENT PARTY candle, thanks to JAMN 94.5.

We also introduced our ‘Retired Candles’ section. This is the perfect place to showcase the candles that you can no longer buy. There is literally no reason to go there. But check it out anyway.

We also released our first Spring candle: Lemon Lesbiance. We wanted to pay tribute to all the women out there that dig other women. We’ve got two new candles coming out next week. Check out our Facebook page or our Instagram to see them soon.

Also, we have a mailing list that we use to release some coupon codes and sneak-peaks from time to time. Sign up for it here.