It's cold outside, but Flick Candles is just getting Hotter. February 17 2015

There’s a lot of snow being dumped on us this week, but that isn’t dampening our fire. We’re stoked to be able to say we’ve been featured on The Huffington Post for the second time! Check out Carly Ledbetter’s recent article on We also had a great write up by Lauren Jacobsen in the Sun Times. Thank you!

We also wanted to answer a question we’ve been getting a lot this week: Which candles are being sent to the retirement home? Thanksgiving Dinner for One was a limited time candle that will be put out to pasture. We’re also going to throw Gingerbread Broken Home in the trash. Being kicked to the curb is Nicotine Pumpkin Patch. Lastly, we’re punting Fantasy Football Failure off the gridiron. If you want to order any of these, then do it soon-- they’ll be gone by mid-March or sooner.

Please don’t feel bad for these candles. They’ve served their purpose, and we need to make room for new upcoming candles.  Sign up for our newsletter to receive information about new things here. We only email you like four times a year at most.  Thanks! -- Mark