Welcoming all Lawyers February 08 2015

When we created our first line of candles, we weren’t really thinking of lawyers… but we’re proud to say that they’ve become some of our best customers! This past week we’ve even had some great exposure from Law Blogs.

Abovethelaw.com’s Staci Zaretsky said we’re “simply ideal for law office décor.”  And Sam Glover called us “Legal Aromatherapy” on Lawyerst.com  

Thank you both for the awesome shout-outs! We take back every bad thing we ever said about lawyers…not that we ever said anything bad.

In other news, we’ll have some new candles coming soon, and we’ll be retiring others. If you’re afraid one of your favorite candles is getting retired, just be on the safe side and order a bunch. That’ll help us both out.   -- Mark