January Flicking Update January 25 2015

January has proven to be a great month for us to get stuff done around the dungeon, I mean office. Our website is slowly being updated & upgraded. Long time fans of our FAQ section & Press Page will notice the smooth new look. The other sections still look like the work of a middle school web design class, but we’re fixing them too.

In a week or so, we’ll have all new (and better) pictures of our current products, and we’ll be in the final stages of launching our new candle line for the spring of 2015. If you want a sneak peek at our new candles before anyone else, join our Big Flicking News Letter. We send out about four emails year, so we won’t bother you too often.

We still have our secret code, 2for25, that you should use to order two or more candles.  Also, if you’re interested in wholesale for your store (or if you just love our candles and want them in mass quantities), direct your questions to Mark@FlickCandles.com. He’s our employee of the month and really handsome. --- Yours Truly, Mark

PS: To be Eco-friendly & safe, we’ve started packing many of our candles with complementary pages of our local Newspaper, The Press of Atlantic City. Feel free to read the articles.