Nicotine Pumpkin Patch September 08 2014

One hallmark of the changing seasons is how everything starts to suddenly taste like pumpkin. Not to be left out, we're launching our first Fall scented candle: Nicotine Pumpkin Patch for the recreational smoker and black-lung enthusiast. If you're going through your annual attempt to quit smoking you might as well do it in the most trendy way possible, with Fall flavors.


Our newsletter members were given the inside scoop on our next few candles. We'll be launching one a week from now until it's officially hoodie weather. All members of the Big Flicking Newsletter were also put into a contest against their will, where they can win free candles. You can get in on the fun by joining here.


We're also super proud that we were recently mentioned on Elvis Duran and the morning show. We're sending some candles your way.  


Until next week, happy lighting -- Mark