Another Great Week July 14 2014

Although it was published on July 6th, we just recently came across a featured article on the Japanese website While we don’t understand a word they said, we’re glad they said it. The article can be seen here.

Incredible things also gave us a great shout out, as well as Geekologie. And to round out the week, Alex over at also gave us a nod. Thanks, Alex! 

We’ve also gotten some great emails over the past seven days and one stands out in particular that we had to share.  Apparently, we have a very talented poet among us, named  Mike Dailey, who wrote the following:

The Flicking Candle Company has staked out its own niche

With scents so unexpected they are bound to become rich

No scent of summer beach time or of the wildwood flower

These candles celebrate the scent of folks who need a shower

The scent of Ruined Friendship, of Unprotected Sex

The scent of Unexpected Weight Gains, of the one who’s now your ex

The scent of dear old grandma now that she rests in peace

Of Criminal Activity or your just arrested niece

Helen Keller’s Key Lime Pie, One Night Teakwood Stand

The scent of someone’s DUI, of Bromance – man to man

The Freshman 15 Poundcake, the Surprise Baby Powder

The scent of real rejection, of coming out but louder

So if you’re in the market for smells that are unique

Click on to Flicking Candles for their products really reek


Thanks, Mike! We'd nominate you for an award if we could. You'll just have to settle with a free candle coming your way in the near future. Enjoy the summer sun and light responsibly -- Mark