Monday Update: June 30 2014

Dear Flicking Fans,

I spent the better of this weekend ignoring all child labor laws and inviting the neighborhood kids to play ‘Factory’ as we boxed up all the weekend candle orders. Anybody who ordered one of our lovely candles Friday –Sunday, your order will ship by this afternoon.  We thank you for your order.

The other good news I have to share is that by this Thursday evening (July 3rd), we should have a huge supply of all of our favorite scents ready to go. I’m proud to say there should be no shortages of anything! I will send out a reminder to everyone on my mailing list. This Thursday: Every scent available and in large enough quantities to meet the demand.

I’m happy to say that all of this will be set up just in time for America’s Birthday. Although no shipments will go out on the 4th, you will still be able to place orders.  Enjoy! -- Mark


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