Friday's Flicking Update June 27 2014

I had no idea there were so many drunk and divorced people who had an affinity for Helen Keller’s pastries. Freshly Signed Divorce Papers, Smells like a DWI, and Helen Keller’s Key Lime Pie have all sold out. And, I only have a few left in stock in many of my other fragrances. I could not have asked for a better start to the Flicking Candle Company.

I have found my little online shop reposted on many other sites this past week, and I want to thank everyone who shared, upvoted, and liked it. I’ve had letters from people all over the world, and plenty of you have written to me personally. This morning I saw my shop was featured on the Huffington Postthanks to Brittany Wong. Danny Cox of also gave us a great review. Brittany & Danny, you will be getting some of my finest candles sent your way once I get all of this under control.  

The good news is that I will have a much bigger stock of candles for sale in the near future; the bad news is that the near future is roughly this time next week (July 3rd or 5th).

If you haven’t signed up for my newsletter yet, please do so.  A link can be found here. I have yet to use it, but I will notify customers through that email list once I get more supplies. I will also be using that news letter for future announcements. 

Have a great weekend!

– Mark