Launch Day June 22 2014

Today is the official launch of the Flicking Candle Company and our site  It is with great pleasure that we can bring to the world the scents and fragrances that truly capture all of life’s achievements, disappointments, and shortcomings.

We currently have fourteen candles that can be viewed in all their glory from the catalog page. We also have some of our candles categorized into more intimate collections. The Buddy Collection celebrates all manner of friendships and is the perfect gift for any special person in your life. We also offer the precious moment’s collection that highlights everything from college rejection, divorce, unexpected pregnancy, and drunken nights that end in criminal charges.

On our Launch day we would like to take a moment to thank everyone who has helped this dream become a reality. Thanks to Michael, Camala, Carol, Jesse, Mark, Aubrey, Kevin, Christopher, George, Susan, Amanda, Lauren, Josh, Greg, Kyle, and Mr. Erikson.  There are countless other people who have helped along the way and we want to thank them all.

While the supply of candles will keep our homes warm and smelling nice, they won’t do anything else. Please buy our candles so we can eat. Thank you.